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08 . 03 . 19 



We purchased a happy pilea peperomioides and a terracotta pot from Williamsburg in the late afternoon. While others entered the Park Slope brownstone with alcohol in hand, we handed Alex his newly potted plant. He smiled big as he took the plant and set it down in its new home. As I began instructing him on the water cycle, he cuts me off me, “- please relay this info to Thu, she’s the plant caretaker.” I smiled, sighed, and looked for Thu. I turned the corner into their bedroom and made way into the kitchen where everyone else was gathered. People gathered in small groups trying to move past conversations about work and weather. I’m a fan of housewarmings. Unlike other social gatherings that feel purposelessly centered around alcohol, bringing together friends and family to a new residence is quite sweet. Faded coffee stains on the table, scruffs on the hardwood, re-arranged stacks of books from shelf to stool, a stack of paper that grows slimmer with each note. There are countless unassuming details that build the character of a home - and it begins with the people who create them.


An invitation to contribute is special. Bottles quickly begin stacking up on and around the coffee table, surrounding the newly potted plant. A game of Super Smash Bros Brawl breaks out amongst a competitive collective and suddenly the beer is on the floor. Another NYC flash flood Summer storm breaks out with rage outside the window. We drag chairs to the window to hear it roar and find ourselves enjoying the company of those who sit comfortably in social quietness. •


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