Ikea Lingonberries


03 . 28 . 19


Senior year of undergrad was a U-Haul nightmare. After my previous apartment lease appreciated 15%, John, Sunny, and I began the search for a new on campus abode. We committed to Pari's old cribo on 17th before the year had ended, setting ourselves up to brave life on Greek row for our final semesters. Halfway through that summer reoccurring manifestations of haunted houses resembling our new residence gave cold feet. Deep down I knew that spot wasn't for me.  I got a new kid on the lease and signed some paperwork for another spot while I was in Japan.


Upon arriving in Seattle I realized what I had got myself into and decided to backtrack on everything I had just orchestrated. My previous leaser took a job in San Diego so I moved back into 17th and found a new person to occupy the pseudo basement I had signed for in Japan. Two leases, two tenants, and one timely job opportunity later I was back where I started. 


Six months later Dylan came back to Seattle after interning with the US government in DC (not to mention living with my parents). The bureaucratic life was behind him as new ambitions of a Tokyo post grad took their place. He just had to get through this last semester.  Plans to find a new house began sprouting and I, again, was ready to uproot everything I had established  to leave my current situation and hole up with the prodigal son, even if only for three months. Before I knew it I signed a lease for a cute three room house off campus and was living with Dans and Dyls like a happy little family. 10 minutes from the Greenlake lake, 5 minutes to the bus stop, and 20 minutes from campus, we had found ourself a glorious, quiet little cabin to run out the clock. Furnishing was in order.


There is something special about the IKEA expeditions us students routinely take each time we change living situations. This one was sandwiched between a trip a cat adoption center (enter Poo) and a trip to Young Tea in ID. We came back to Greenlake with a new lamp, some rugs, and an eagerness for the coming sunny weeks. •