Two men wearing gold spanx pressed up against the railing of a fire escape passionately making out above thousands of people gathered in Greenwich Village. Gay street was covered in glitter, rainbow flags flew from every pocket and corner, and corporate giants pretended to give a fuck. NYC became the epicenter for WorldPride as communities across the globe celebrated the 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising and decades of LGBTQIA+ liberation. Participants from across the globe and every industry seemed to have a rainbow to fly that day. And this year, an unprecedented number of Fortune 500 companies changed their rainbow logos on LinkedIn and branded rainbow merchandise shout empty promises for equitable workplaces.


We meandered through seas of people for several avenues, passing by an impromptu dance circle, a lemonade stand of two young girls raising money for the Human Rights Council, and an elderly looking LGBTQIA+ marching band grabbing waters after a long march in the sun. The presence of corporations missing the mark on authenticity did not stop the celebration or demands of a better tomorrow. •

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