Seattle Show


06 . 13 . 19 



            In the middle of an unexpected fourth house move, studying for finals, two work trips to California, graduation, and preparing to move across the country, we decided there was no better time to have an ASP Art Show in Seattle. The desire to express our deep love and gratitude for the community before moving drove us to turn every idea into reality. Doners came in to help us secure a venue, a perfectly timed agency clean-out  gave way to free supplies, friends and family drove across the city with filled trunks, Aidan got hit repeatedly by soccer balls.


            We came together to give space for art to be shared, merch to be slung, blocks to be chiseled, poems to be shaped from classics, and reason to wrap a bunch of shit in space blankets. We focused on our friends; the people who inspire us daily with creativity and thoughtfulness, hot takes and memes, but not necessarily the ones you think of as artists in a gallery. We opened our doors to Capitol Hill and were overwhelmed by the hundreds of people - family, strangers, and friends, who came through the door to share in the joy.


                These shows were a pipe dream from the dorm room days freshman year. From the beginning, all we had were our friends and we were proud to see their work on the walls if even only for a night. We didn't think we could bring the shows away from their Southern California roots because we still felt so new to the city. We took the step and the city embraced us. We forever have love to our communities from Seattle. To more nights of music, art, and friendship in the future. •

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