October 19th - October 26th, or until sold out. 

> 75% of all proceeds will be donated to Vote Save America

> Limited quantities available 
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Over the last four years, we've felt helpless, frustrated, ignored, and overwhelmed by the cruelty of the Trump administration. Now, we face an election where the livelihood of people and our planet are at stake. We can't give in or give up. It's on us, a community that yearns for a better future, to enact change. 

This flash sale is a fundraising effort to support fair elections and encourage you and your loved ones to vote and participate in the 2020 election season. The designs featured in this sale are the antithesis to the wonted political merch and express the severe reality we face in this year's presidential election.  


75% of all proceeds will be donated to one of the funds featured on Vote Save America - a one-stop-shop online platform guiding folks throughout the election season on how to make an impact by registering to vote, requesting an absentee ballot, volunteering, adopting a state, and more. 

Please check the inventory on products, as stock is limited. Payment options available upon check-out include an 'offline' option for those who prefer to Venmo us. Domestic shipping is flat rate $5.00. We appreciate your patience as we plan to ship on a rolling basis and aim to get your order to you as soon as possible.


Below the shop, we've highlighted ways you can take action beyond purchase and donation. We'll be right there with you - voting, phone banking, and texting friends - to hold one another accountable. 


Aidan, Jen, Lauren



BE HEARD | A voter checklist:

  1. Check your registration status and register to vote

  2. Check your state's voting deadlines, including early voting. Ensure you vote as soon as possible. 

  3. Request your absentee ballot

  4. If you can’t vote absentee, find the polling location closest to you 

  5. Hold your family and friends accountable to all of the above. Specifically, list out names of at least 5 people you will inform and remind.

  6. Track your ballot! Visit your state's elections website to find information about how to track your ballot your voice was heard.


Share resources, your voting plan, and campaigns that resonate with you with other voters - especially at the local level. 

Voting is ONE action in the electoral season that we can take, but it should not be the only. We need to sustain our small acts to make the world a little brighter, kinder, and greener each day. 

Special thanks to:

Daniel Kaseberg for helping us put together the Voter Checklist and Resources

Zoe Berger for support on marketing and design

Sasha and Jacob for modeling