Fundraiser for Ukraine

$8 USD

Two stickers per purchase

5.5" wide x 3" tall

Until March 31st we’ll be fundraising to help Ukrainian refugees through World Central Kitchen (WCK). WCK is providing nourishing meals to Ukrainian refugees in need in Ukraine and across neighboring borders in Poland, Romania, Moldova, and Hungary. For every purchase, we'll mail you two stickers as a thank you for your donation. Every donation will be matched 2:1 (an 8$ donation will TRIPLE to a 24$ donation) through our corporate sponsor.


We made this sticker at the end of 2021 without a clear intention, outside of generalized creative practice, in mind. Specifically, we did not make this sticker with the intention of raising money for Ukrainian refugees as we’re not down to, how you say, leverage war, much less a humanitarian crisis, as a branding moment. 


That being said, we found a corporate sponsor who would TRIPLE any amount we fundraised. Considering the opportunity, the stickers seemed like a positive incentive to encourage contribution. 


In this sticker illustration, Prince Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke catches an arrow fired at him before returning it to the adversary from which it came. Coincidentally this feels apropos for the moment at hand.