> All prints are available for a donation of $25 USD

> Each print order comes with a free sticker pack

> Sticker pack available separately for a donation of $6 USD
> Print size varies per artwork

> All proceeds will be donated to GiveDirectly and matched 1:1

> You can Venmo Us by selecting the 'Offline' payment option at checkout to avoid CC transaction fees

A little over a month ago we asked a few friends if they would donate a print to a COVID-19 relief fundraiser. Since then, America has continued to suffer not only from the pandemic, but also devastating racial injustice, record-high unemployment rates, and the most dangerous President in modern history. 


These beautiful pieces of artwork highlight the beams of hope, community, trust, support, and mindfulness, that pierces through the impending darkness of illness, social isolation, and sweeping injustice. 


We have chosen to donate to GiveDirectly- an organization that identifies vulnerable Americans through the FRESH EBT program and provides direct cash relief to meet their basic needs. Thanks to a wonderful friend of ASP, our donation will also be matched 1:1 by their employer - doubling our impact.

When entering your shipping address upon check out, please be mindful that all orders will begin shipping the week of July 20th. We appreciate your patience.

Thank you for making a donation!


Lauren, Jen, Aidan

After School Projects ®

New York, Seattle, Irvine


Fruitless misadventures in arts & science. 

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