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Aisha grew up in the homely, warm embrace of Southern California where the Mojave desert and Pacific Ocean are close enough to be friends. At face value the two biomes are vastly disparate, hosting different species, climates, and people that shadow their similarities - similarities Aisha's film unburied. Course sandy textures, expansive muted tones, and sensations of timeless power that put our own humanity into perspective. Aisha's photos are a homage to the peace of the desert, the energy of the ocean, and every adventure in between. 

Q: Is there anything you specifically try to capture when you go out and shoot? Is there a thing that makes you lift your camera and go ‘I need to get that." 

A: I usually end up capturing something surrounded by nature - people, objects, whatever. Light always plays a huge role in what I’m shooting, especially since that natural light is so important for film. When the sky is scattered with clouds or that golden light hits someone’s face perfectly, I find myself lifting my camera. Or when I see a beautiful reflection. Whether it’s people, places, or objects, if it makes my heart jump then I’m probably shooting it.

Q: Where do you take inspiration from? 


A: Well I first got inspired to do photography by my boyfriend. He inspired me to take a film class in college and I was game ever since. I was living in Hawaii at the time, which has an insane amount of beautiful places. It made it easy to fall in love with photography and get inspired by nature. Traveling, of course, is a huge inspiration. More recently, I started doing some styling/shooting for fashion and became intrigued by the whole process. People are so inspiring to shoot and I enjoy seeing people’s reactions to photos of themselves. I also find inspiration through other photographers work because I get to see how others view the world. 

Q: You’re very creative and have experience in a lot of different mediums - why choose photography?


A: Why thank you! I had an interest in film photography specifically because it made me be patient—something I’m horrible at. It made me think hard about decisions and be mindful of what I wanted to take a capture. Nowadays we can take a million photos on our phones. With film, I’m not just going to waste it. I love seeing the outcome even if it’s out of focus or overexposed. I love finding a roll months later and getting it developed. It makes me giddy! It has also helped me get into fashion styling more and has challenged myself to be as creative as possible. •

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