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Alex's photography holds a veritable forthrightness that puts you behind the lens with him. Gritty textures and purposeful motion blur give tactile vim to ordinary moments. This series explores the neighborhoods of Paris. He captures the honest humility of humanity - a line cook on a smoke break, an old man walking his grandson across the street. Whether intentionally or serendipitously, Alex tells a story in an instant. 

Q: ​Do you try and capture anything specific when you shoot? What makes you lift your camera and go ‘ sheesh I need to shoot that’.

A: ​I use more of a spray and pray approach. This allows me to shoot things that I might not usually think to take a picture of. Sometimes pictures I expect to be bad in the moment end up being the best shot on the roll 

Q: ​Do you pull any inspiration from sources outside photography/photographers? If so what sort of things? 


A: Sadly a lot of my inspiration comes from Instagram. That being said a lot of my stuff are pictures of ordinary things; it’s a big cliche but I am interested in finding beauty in ordinary things

Q: You’ve been shooting for a while. How have you seen your photography change over time? Do you feel like you’re focusing on new subject matter, ideas, etc.? 

A: I used to really care and revel in classically composed photos, but recently I have been compositions that may not make sense, but end up really looking nice. I think the picture of the dude on the cell phone is a good example of this.

Q: ​What are some characteristics or themes in photos/photographers that you admire? 


A: Their ability to completely dedicate their lives to photography. For instance Andre Wagner outfitted his entire apartment to be his personal darkroom and studio. It’s to the point where his living room and bathroom are basically dedicated to developing and printing photos. It’s that level of dedication that I respect from professional photographers that I know that I’ll never commit to.

Q: ​Any advice you would give someone trying to pick up photography?

A: Reflect on your photos multiple times. Sometimes I find some hidden gems in my library. •

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